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(JUNE 2nd, 2019: 1:30pm-4:00pM)

HOSTED BY: Dr. Stacey Simmons is a psychotherapist and writer who lives in Los Angeles.  She works with archetypal images including dreams and symbols, helping individuals to assess what their dreams might be trying to help them understand.  

Freud called dreams the “Royal Road to the Unconscious” and was one of the first to pioneer looking at dreams from a scientific perspective.  Modern psychology is split between a purely brain centered psychology, and one that takes mind, body, and spirit into account.  Looking at dreams helps to bridge these two areas of focus.  Dreams are more than just the detritus of the day, though not every dream is worthy of deep scrutiny.  Learning how to discern when dreams should be heeded is one of the first steps in using dreams to understand deeper movements going on in the life of the dreamer.  This course is an introduction to deep dreamwork, a practice that helps the dreamer begin a dialogue with the intuition in order to make better choices, and have deeper understanding.