(Beginning march 14th: Every Thursday from 7:00-8:00pm)

Hosted by: Sandra Kushnir, LMFT

Weekly Meet-Up For Sober Women 

Weekly meet-up for women who are sober or trying to get sober. During this meet-up, we will be guided in educational weekly discussions about: addiction, co-dependency, relationships, spirituality and recovery. The purpose of this meet-up is to provide and alternative to women who want to build a community of sober friends and support.


(APRIL 20, 2019: 1:30-3:30PM)

Hosted by: Hans Kohler, Masters In conflict Resolution

Hans will be walking us through the art and science of conflict in Romantic Relationships. Hans will be offering tangible tips and tools on how to handle conflicts in relationships and use them to come together, rather then drift apart.

Hans believes that: “Learning how to communicate efficiently is part of coaching and determined practice - Which means that we can all learn it! In Conflict there are moments one can see it as a "problem" as much as one can see it as "opportunity". Conflicts can be seen as a moment to create and transform a relationship into something more constructive and positive. 

In Conflict Coaching with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, the transformation in the communication is incredible where you become much more resilient and prepared for conflicts when they arise. Hence, the strength of a relationships afterwards develops and increases the meaningful connection


(March 30, 2019: 1:30-3:30pm)

Connect with YOURSELF in a deeper, more meaningful and authentic way. This is just the beginning of a transformation that can open a whole new way of living, and it begins by re-connecting to your inner child! Life is about connection, and when we are tuned into our highest-self, we are unstoppable. Being authentic in an in-authentic world can feel scary and overwhelming, but we are here to help you face that fear and free yourself from self-doubt to create a more fulfilling life, filled with deeper meaning and authenticity.