Mother Hood-1.png


(July 27, 2019: 11:00am-2:00pm)

Yoga: Sparkle Pop Mama (Annalisa Barret), Maternal Mental Health: Hillside Wellness (Dr. Irene Yaymadjian), Food: bare Foot living (dani Vouvalides)

Healthy Treats, Meditation, Yoga and Workshop

We will begin the day with a discussion about the importance of connection and “me time” for soon-to-be and new mothers, meditation and an introductions. Then we will split off into a hour of maternal yoga led by Annalisa Barret, followed by a workshop on maternal mental health and self-care by Dr. Yaymadjian. Healthy treats will be provided by Dani Vouvalides, holistic nutritionist. Come hangout and meet some other new or expecting mamas!